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      Tel: 86 755-3365 8773

      Fax: 86 755-3365 8773

      Email: sales@szgreenlin.com


      Address: 1001 Room,270 Building,Baolong New East Village,Dalang Street,Longhua District Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

      ABOUT US
      Shenzhen Greenlin Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional LiFePO4(also called lithium- ion Phosphate battery) battery manufacture for worldwide customers.We ensure very good price for our products.

      Our main founders have over 10 years experience in the battery industry, focusing on lithium ion (Li-ion), ferric phosphate Lithium (LiFePO4), lithium titanate (Li-Titanate) battery applications and provide global technical support. Our products are widely used in solar energy storage system, UPS, communication base energy storage station, low-speed electric vehicles (like electric tricycles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, golf carts), yachts, fishing boats, outdoor camping power supply, camping car/car auxiliary power supply. With years of design and development experience, and a good quality control system, our company will provide customers with the best battery energy storage solutions.

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